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Engaging, real-time digital dashboards.

Ensuring everyone knows how they're performing and what they need to do. A dashboard goes beyond everyday spreadsheets, it's accessible from any device and always up to date. A dashboard makes everything so much easier.

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Easy & efficient

Consolidate and refine your data in one place, ensuring it’s clear and well understood across the business.


Your brand and visualisations are all highly configurable within our system.


Give clear and immediate insight in day-to-day operations and highlight areas that need attention.

Make the right decisions

Being able to clearly identify areas performing badly allows you to quickly adapt and improve.


It’s a great platform for challenging your team to strive for better numbers.

Example Dashboards

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Multiple users

We can easily accommodate any sized network of users, no matter how big or small you company is.

Export your data

Effortlessly export data in either CSV or XLS so you can share or archive results on demand.

Convert to PDF

Easily create a snapshot of your dashboard and archive the results in a PDF for emailing or printing.

Responsive design

We can create dashboards to work across mobile, desktop and even large data walls.

Scheduled emails

Send monthly updates and let your team know the minute the data becomes available.

Endless charts

Send monthly updates and let your team know the minute the data becomes available.

User profiles

The way the dashboard appears for individual users can be customised to only show relevant KPIs.

With over 100 customers, large and small

We are trusted by some of the biggest names you know and love.

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